At House & Sun, Inc. we’ve specialized in energy-efficient green building for 30 years. In addition to sunrooms and conservatories, we’ve provided super-insulated Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for 20 years.

Our SIP projects include fine homes, camps, cottages, barns, churches, yacht construction buildings, the Lewiston Pediatrics medical building and the Lincolnville Central School.

Homes and commercial buildings built with SIPs are not just top performers in terms of energy efficiency, they are also significantly more comfortable places to live and work than conventionally framed buildings.

SIPs are composed of a continuous core of rigid foam insulation, which is laminated between two layers of structural board (OSB) to form a single, solid panel. Recent Department of Energy testing shows free-standing, self-supporting SIPs outperform wood frame construction hands down: they are more than twice as strong as stick framing, have ten times the racking resistance, and substantially reduce air infiltration and outside noise.

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